by Gregorian Bivolaru

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Transfiguration means to sincerely and unconditionally admire everything beautiful that exists in the microcosm of your beloved one, either in a potential or in a fully awakened state. Transfiguation is a fundamental characteristic on the path of Tantra.


Transfiguration means to see in the loved one a sublime manifestation of the Divine, to go beyond the limitations set by human personality, to embrace in the consciousness sphere all the perfect aspects manifested or as yet unmanifested which lead love spontaneously to elevated, superior levels.


When we have adequately awakened our intuition and sensitivity, we become able to manifest almost always a transfiguring view, which enables us to discover in all the people around us the qualities and latent gifts that they have. Such a transfiguring view has a double advantage:

(1 ) On one side, our transfiguring view will instantaneously awaken in the beings on which we focus the qualities and latent gifts that they have. If these qualities have already been awakened, they will amplify due to our deep and intense view.

(2) Our view will have wonderful repercussions in our inner universe and will immediately generate the awakening and even the amplification in our being of those qualities and admirable gifts that we have observed in the other one.


sanatate9If we look at almost every person with the necessary attention and transfiguration, we find that they deserve our admiration, compliments, and praise for the qualities already awakened or latent in their inner universe. Having such a predominantly transfiguring view will enrich us extraordinarily. The transformations that can occur through this transfiguring view are fast and considerable, awakening quickly the paradisiacal universe that exists within us and determining an ineffable state of happiness.

It is important to keep in mind that even a person we don’t particularly know deserves such a deeply transfiguring and fully accepting view. If, while in this transfiguring state, you give to every person you meet on the street, to your friends, to your family, to your colleagues, the attention they deserve, you will for sure start perceiving more and more deeply and intensely something ethereal, beautiful, pure and genuine that exists in almost every person.



If you have enough courage and want to help them discover and become aware of those latent gifts, you can even approach them with sincerity and give them a few beautiful compliments that praise their latent qualities or gifts. Then you will see how easy it is to receive a warm and surprised smile from someone, even from an unknown person.

Knowing all this about the mysterious magical power of transfiguration, we can say that the person we have chosen to be our beloved, to adore, to love, to make as happy as possible and to bring to ecstasy, deserves compliments, praise, and an intense state of admiration and gratefulness which will fill their hearts with joy, and besides the fact that it will delight them, will speed up the awakening of those latent qualities or amplify those awakened qualities through the triggering of specific processes of resonance.


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An example of real transfiguration is offered by Victor Hugo in his poem Man and Woman:


Man is the most elevated of creatures, Woman the most sublime of ideals.

God made for man a throne; for woman an altar.

The throne exalts, the altar sanctifies.

Man is the brain, Woman, the heart.

The brain creates light, the heart, Love. Light engenders, Love resurrects.

Because of reason Man is strong. Because of tears Woman is invincible.

Reason is convincing, tears, moving.

manwomanMan is capable of all heroism, Woman of all martyrdom.

Heroism ennobles, martyrdom sublimates.

Man has supremacy, Woman, preference.

Supremacy is strength, preference is the right.

Man is a genius, Woman, an angel.

Genius is immeasurable, the angel indefinable.

The aspiration of man is supreme glory,

The aspiration of woman is extreme virtue.

Glory creates all that is great; virtue, all that is divine.

Man is a code, Woman a gospel.

A code corrects; the gospel perfects.

Man thinks, Woman dreams.

To think is to have a worm in the brain,

to dream is to have a halo on the brow.

Man is an ocean, Woman a lake.

The ocean has the adorning pearl, the lake, dazzling poetry.

Man is the flying eagle, Woman, the singing nightingale.

To fly is to conquer space. To sing is to conquer the soul.

Man is a temple, Woman a shrine.

Before the temple we discover ourselves, before the shrine we kneel.

In short, man is found where earth finishes, woman where heaven begins.


The Mysterious and Magical Power of Transfiguration
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