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Tantra represents one of the only spiritual traditions to generate a synthesis between the seemingly opposed dimensions of sensory pleasure and Spiritual Liberation, and it has the power to reunify a scission produced a long time ago in the western society. Nowhere in any other place can you meet such a harmony between sex and spirituality closer to the reality. Tantra is such a way of spiritual evolution, of love fusions integrated as a sacred act, which have the only purpose to drive us closer towards the Divine.

Tantric sexuality is based on the fact that there is an intimate and unbreakable relationship between sexuality and spirituality, where sexual congress is not merely the satisfaction of a physical carnal desire but is in fact, the inner aspiration to achieve the state of complete union, to fulfill the alchemic opera that unifies the Male, Solar principle with the Female, Lunar principle in order to arrive at the perfection of the being.


shivashaktiTantra is pre-eminently a science of polarity

The man and the woman are here the personification of the two fundamental Universal Polar principles: SHIVA & SHAKTI

  • Shiva is the primordial Masculine principle (YANG), and Shakti is the primordial Feminine principle (YIN).
  • Shiva represents the CONSCIOUSNESS, Shakti represents the ENERGY from which everything is born.
  • Shiva without Shakti is Shava, the lifeless corpse, lacking any possibility to be active and create. On the other hand, Shakti without Shiva is energy without form or meaning, confusion and chaos.


Tantric sexuality starts from the idea that our sexuality, our amatory impulses actually represent a debased metaphysical urge, otherwise said that our highest spiritual aspirations are imprisoned in the matter in the shape of the sexuality. The sexual attraction represents the fundamental tendency of joining together the (+) and the (-), the Solar and the Lunar, the YANG and the YIN, the Male and the Female, the HA and the THA, for attaining the final condition of Spiritual Union, where we find the neutrality of the Absolute, (0), the peace of the spiritual Androgynall state, where there lies in itself all the potentialities of the manifestation. This goal is actually common with all the spiritual paths of our planet.


Transfigured Sexuality

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An essential aspect of Tantric sexuality is the art & discipline of sexual continence (read more). Within sexual continence, an absolutely necessary aspect, without which the two lovers cannot attain pure spirituality, is transfiguration (read more).  
Few are those with a correct attitude during lovemaking, who can see in the amorous act a possibility to go beyond the finitude of individuality, to experience elevated state of consciousness and even to discover a path to spiritual completion. Modern society promotes only an animal sexuality poor in love and sacredness.

Here is what Julius Evola says in connection about how sexuality is approached in present times:

“ If we are to see in sexual love an impulse genetically connected to animal nature, considering this, we have to draw the conclusion that man finds himself at a much inferior level than any other natural species, because man permits love, sex and woman to intoxicate and to dominate him in such a way not only the physical body, but especially also the domain of his highest faculties, that is to say to extend and to intensify area of coverage of such invasions way beyond of what is fitting to a banal instinct.

If we follow however the metaphysical interpretation of sex, all those facts are expressed under another light and their valuation is totally different. The tyranny of love and of sex and the whole capacity of eros to overturn, weaken, or subordinate everything, instead of representing an extreme degrading and inextricable demon in human existence, becomes the sign of the incoercible impulse in man to pass at any price beyond the limits of the finite individual.”


Sacred Sexuality

Tantra integrates and transforms the lovemaking in a sacred act whereby we can attain the perfect state of salvation that mystics have talked about. This is a new vision of sexuality that may shock people: Can making love help the person to reach that perfect state of salvation that many mystics have spoken of? The answer is simple and very real: YES!


tantra-festival april copy“Sexuality which is based on perfect continence and transfiguration…represents one of the more complex and deeply satisfying aspects of the intimate relationship between two human beings who love one another…When the lovers’ bodies merge in intense and deep communion they establish a gigantic connection with the Macrocosm, which grants the lovers an euphoric expansion into the endless universe from the finite to the infinite.

This is why transfigurative and continent lovemaking can bring us immense joy and even generate awakening states of divine ecstasy inside the merged beings of the lovers. When intensely, deeply and frenetically experienced, lovemaking that is based on love, continence and transfiguration, will lead to states of cosmic orgasm and even divine ecstasy.”  

Gregorian Bivolaru



Tantric Sexuality
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