Yoga WorkshopsAlong with the regular ongoing Dublin Yoga and Tantra classes, we also offer workshops focusing more specifically on Tantric Sexuality, Hatha Yoga, Purification/Detox and other Spiritual topics for personal development. We organize retreats in Ireland (and England) and regularly hold ‘open house’ meetings for our students and friends, where we offer extra spiritual initiations, inspiring movies and provide a spiritual community atmosphere.

We are very interested to offer more yoga & Tantra workshops in Ireland, so if you are interested in this, please contact us.


The Art of Sexual Continence WORKSHOP

tantra-sexualityThe Art of Sexual Continence is one of the essential secrets of Tantric sexuality and spirituality. Tantra recognises the sexual energy as a great force and a wonderful gift, and  teaches us how to use it in a wise way. The power to create life can help us to recreate our life. The rediscovery of the art of Sexual continence will help you to control and experience the sexual energy in a new way and will, even after a few months, help you transform the way you experience life in all its nuances, bringing much greater harmony and happiness within both yourself as an individual and within your couple relationship.


“Sexuality which is based on perfect continence and transfiguration…represents one of the more complex and deeply satisfying aspects of the intimate relationship between two human beings who love one another… When the lovers’ bodies merge in intense and deep communion they establish a gigantic connection with the Macrocosm, which grants the lovers an euphoric expansion into the endless universe from the finite to the infinite. This is why transfigurative and continent lovemaking can bring us immense Joy and even generate awakening states of divine ecstasy inside the merged beings of the lovers. When intensely, deeply and frenetically experienced, lovemaking that is based on love, continence and transfiguration, will lead to states of cosmic orgasm and even divine ecstasy.”


– Gregorian Bivolaru (Tantric Master)


What is covered in this workshop

  • The situation of sexuality in the world today, the attitudes, prejudices, misconceptions and certain realities about sexuality in modern times
  • The sexual energy, it’s colossal potential in the human being, how it can be harnessed.
  • The difference between the separate processes of orgasm and ejaculation.
  • The orgasm, what it is, the different kinds of orgasm and how they are experienced.
  • Sexual continence – practical advice and different methods for practicing sexual continence, the different obstacles for men and women and special advice for how to overcome them.
  • the magical art of Transfiguration – by which the Tantric learns to see beyond appearances


This workshop is for both singles and couples. NB: Nothing sexual will take place in this workshop; thats homework;)

We regularly give this workshop so stay tuned