Tantric Path of Love – the Art of Sexual continence WORKSHOP (sat 3rd Nov)

Tantric Path of Love –  the Art of Sexual continence WORKSHOP (sat 3rd Nov)

The Art of Sexual Continence is one of the essential secrets of Tantric sexuality and spirituality. Tantra recognises the sexual energy as a great force and a wonderful gift, and teaches us how to use it in a wise way. The power to create life can help us to recreate our life. The rediscovery of the art of Sexual continence will help you to control and experience the sexual energy in a new way and will, even after a few months, help you transform the way you experience life in all its nuances, bringing much greater harmony and happiness within both yourself as an individual and within your couple relationship.

This special 1 day Workshop takes place on Saturday 3rd November (10-5.30pm) at the Oscailt Centre

Sexual Continence – an essential aspect in Tantric Sexuality & Spiritual transformation

Along with transfigurative love, sexual continence is essential in Tantric sexuality. Here you can find a brief introduction to this important subject of the sexual & spiritual life. We regularly do Workshops focusing on this subject giving a lot of information and practical techniques to help you experience the sexual energy in a more fulfilling way that can truly help you evolve spiritually.

This workshop is aimed at everyone who wants to take advantage of a huge treasure that exists in their own being – the creative potential of the sexual energy! This creative force of life can be used to help re-create your own life, bringing improved health, longevity and greater energy levels. For singles and couples.

Tantric Massage – Creating openess in the couple relationship

Tantric Massage – Creating openess in the couple relationship

tantric-massageThe ancient Tantric wisdom from the East teaches us about the energies of life, love, and sexuality, and how we can unite body, mind and soul and turn our lives into a sacred practice. Amongst other things here we will see how we can use our sexual energy as a tool to reach the highest ecstasy, in the meeting with our beloved. Tantric massage is a way of making us present in the moment, in a state of relaxation and awareness, to deepen the relationship with the beloved. The human touch reveals itself as the silent gate to our heart.

Tantric Sexuality

Tantric Sexuality

Tantra integrates and transforms the lovemaking in a sacred act whereby we can attain the perfect state of salvation that mystics have talked about. This is a new vision of sexuality that may shock people: Can making love help the person to reach that perfect state of salvation that many mystics have spoken of? The answer is simple and very real: YES!

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