The Asanas of Happiness


Even when we do not suspect it, love is the supreme law of the universe: a mysterious law, that governs and orders everything, beginning with the lifeless atom, to the union of rational beings. All our actions and thoughts originate in this love, and to it they are drawn, as towards a divine center of irresistible attraction.
Yoga is a path of knowledge, and in the same time, a path of love and loving. Therefore, the sages have transmitted to the humanity poses that are to be performed by a couple. Practicing Yoga postures together with a partner brings refinement, beauty and strength to the relationship, uplifting our souls. It can open us up to the possibility of deep genuine communication within the couple, enhancing the intimacy, trust and connection between the partners. It is an especially wonderful opportunity for lovers to reach superior levels of harmony in their relationship.

The heart of this practice is love.


Although these asanas may be practiced anytime and are very strong in their effects, an opportune moment for these asanas to be performed is before lovemaking, because they create an ineffable state of harmony between the two lovers. The perseverant practice of these asanas will help you and your lover evolve spiritually, and lift your souls to reach the Supreme Ultimate Freedom, together with the beloved.


About polarity

Yoga teaches us that everything in life is energy. Every type of energy has two poles, a receptive/emissive element, a plus/minus aspect, a yin/yang. Hatha Yoga literally means ‘the Union of the Sun & the Moon’.

By uniting these polar energies within our own being we achieve inner force and radiant harmony. Man by his nature has a predominance of solar, yang energy, and woman by her nature has a predominance of lunar, yin energy. Thus, when we practice Yoga postures together the energies flow between the two human beings creating many unifying, beneficial effects within the couple. This practice is ideally suited for two polar human beings – man & woman.

Partner Yoga – Hatha Yoga for couples
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