Y - happyWe all want true and lasting happiness. Happiness is an inner state of full, profound, absolute satisfaction and contentedness that is above all characterized by its plenitude and stability. We find this happiness in many ways, depending on the level of spiritual development we have attained at any given time.

Happiness is different from pleasure, which is ephemeral. It is important to reach true happiness. All of the world spiritual traditions agree that lasting happiness can be reached only by the knowing of what is permanent and eternal, or in other words of the Divine, the Supreme essence of all beings and the source of Life itself.

A genuine and efficient spiritual path will offer ways and modalities to develop all aspects of our being so we can reach true happiness by fulfilling all aspects of our personality: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

In Integral Yoga, the body, the emotions, the mind and the intellect need to be developed optimally, so that they can function in perfect harmony with one another. When this happens one can live happily in a real sense for happiness also means body, mind, and soul harmony. Then the body, the emotions, the mind, the intellect can be used as tools to transcend one’s limits and to experience the Divine, in which we find ecstatic bliss.


The Integral Yoga is an intelligent combination of various traditional methods used for the harmonious development of one’s entire being in all its aspects: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual.

The main aims are:

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· a strong and healthy body

 ·a mind which is clear, powerful, calm and in control

· a refined intellect, which is also awake and sharp

· a powerful will

· a heart full of love and compassion able to experience empathically the elevated states of other people

· a life lead by the permanent aspiration towards the realization of the inner eternal Self

· a life in which one is devoted to the welfare and the happiness of other people.


The Integral Yoga is a scientific system that combines different types of yoga in order to fulfill one’s potential in the widest sense. This finally leads to self-knowledge or self-revelation, in which one has the revelation of the ultimate reality. 

Here are some different branches or types of yoga  that our Integral Yoga course can offer access to:


HATHA YOGA – a specific form of yoga for attaining perfect inner balance, purifying and energizing the body and mind, leading to perfect control of the mind and its powers, along with the subtle energies of our being. (read more)


KARMA YOGA – the path of selfless service and detachment in action, which enables the practitioner to connect (by resonance) with the divine, infinite energies. Here the actions and the daily social duties are accomplished with no attachment or wish to take possession of the results/effects of the actions. In this way, the yogi may constantly purify his mind and increase his process of evolution.

When the mind and heart become pure enough, the karma yogi becomes a perfect tool highly self-conscious inside of which and by which the Divine can manifest and materialize different actions. By such actions, urged by the sublime spirit of devotion, the yogi goes beyond his individuality and experiences the state of communion with God. (read more)


BHAKTI YOGA the path of endless love and affectionate devotion to God, to some aspect of Divinity, or even to the divine spark inside of any human being, under the form of the eternal Supreme Self (ATMAN). By means of love, constantly infusing both the thinking and feeling unconditionally submitted to God, the human being will finally merge with the infinite divine love and by transcending its confined personality it will attain the state of Cosmic Consciousness.

The path of BHAKTI, or endless devotion that directs our whole love upon God or His different appearances, may be easily practiced by anyone. All we need there is strong faith and constant remembrance of God, through our continuous love for Him.


RAJA YOGA – This is the path of intense focus, profound meditation and full mind control. This form of YOGA is based on perfection in morals and ethics, on perfect control of the senses, which will gradually lead to a state of meditation, where the mind will be still and sheltered from unpleasant whirls. At such stages, once this state is fully attained, all limitations are transcended and by deep fusion to the Divine Mind of the Macrocosm, the yogi will experience the state of supreme conscience or the ultimate ecstasy, known in yoga as SAMADHI.


MANTRA YOGA – is the path of the ineffable resonance with some specific, sublime energies of the divine manifestation, by uttering a specific sound, known as MANTRA. A MANTRA is a sound modulation that represents some specific aspect of energy or secret realm of manifestation in the Macrocosm. The proper mental focus in uttering a Mantra will enable the yogi to feel an ineffable state of resonance or unison in his whole being and thereby he will be deeply and ineffably connected to the DIVINE REALITY.


YANTRA YOGA – uses special geometrical drawings in order to experience certain energies of spheres of force in the Universe. These special drawings have been especially conceived and revealed for this spiritual purpose.


TANTRA YOGA – This yoga integrates a variety of practices and techniques, it is inclusive of the sexual activity in order to speed-up one’s spiritual evolution, through transmutation and sublimation of the sexual creative potential both for a woman and a man. The field of consciousness becomes tremendously expanded.

KUNDALINI YOGA – the yoga of awakening and ascending the huge energy that exists in a latent state at the base of the spine, in Muludhara chakra.

JNANA YOGA – is the path of the superior intellectual knowledge, the path of wisdom. It consists of perfect self-knowledge and detached analysis, which gradually lead to complete spiritual awakening. The yogi on this path will acquire early on the first stages the knowledge of his Supreme Self (ATMAN) and therefore he no longer sees his identity in his body, psyche, mind or ego. By complete revelation of his endless Self (ATMAN) he merges with the Divine Essence inside his being; therefore he will all over recognize the Divine Essence surrounding him and he will attain Uniqueness, source of ecstasy. 


As a conclusion, we may say that integral Yoga is a synthesis of all forms of Yoga. It mainly aims towards a perfect body, utterly healthy and vigorous; a clear, strong mind, calm and controlled; a refined, vivid intellect; a heart brimming with love and compassion, which is able to live by empathy the spiritual states of the fellow people, a life full of sublime ideals, dedicated to the others’ wealth and happiness; where the aspiration of achieving the inner eternal Self is always prevailing.

Integral Yoga
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