Tantra is the path of life – the way of fully embracing life and everything it offers us in order to learn about ourselves and growing into our full potential as a human being. Where some more ascetic paths advocate the practice of renunciation, stepping out of the world, Tantrics aim to engage themselves completely and consciously in the flow of life.

In the  Sanskrit word ‘Tantra’, ‘tan’ can be translated as ‘network’ or ‘web’, referring to how the understanding of Tantra not only stands behind and unites all relevant esoteric traditions in the world, but also incorporates everything we experience in life into a way of knowing ourselves better.

woman-flowersAnother meaning of ‘tan’ is ‘expansion’, while ‘tra’ means instrument. ‘Tantra’ can therefore be translated as an instrument, or method, for the expansion of the consciousness. This expansion takes us from our current (typically limited) view of ourselves to a much more comprehensive view of our true potential and how we fit into the world around us. On the Tantric path we surpass our limitations to say ‘yes’ to life in all its aspects – to love more, to make love more and to embrace fully and consciously our journey in this existence.

Tantra teachers us cultivate and amplify our innate energies as fully as possible and using these energies to expand our awareness. This implies learning to control our sexual energy, which is the most powerful energy we have, and also the one that we tend to lose the most of. Once we have learnt this, then all other lesser energies, emotions, thoughts and general life situations also become much easier to regulate, helping us to move increasingly into a position of control in our lives. This is achieved by developing our awareness through the practice of Hatha Yoga and various other concentration, purification & meditation techniques.

Tyoga 5he fundamental principles of Tantra provide us with a practical, even scientific, way of understanding every situation in life, on every scale: from quantum physics, to human relationships, to the universe at large; they all obey the same essential laws. When we start to understand the interplay between consciousness (the masculine principle) and energy or manifestation (the feminine principle), everything begins to fall into place.

Essentially Tantra is a way of accepting life as an intelligent flow which can take us wherever we should be – if we allow it. This requires becoming aware of that flow and then consciously relaxing into it, not always as simple as it might first sound! But by working steadily, with perseverance, and gradually overcoming our inhibitions and limited perspectives, the possibilities become endless and supremely beautiful.
journey 4Our Tantra course is a systematic and in-depth course that reveals the mysteries of Tantra one by one. The techniques and theory given within each module are highly efficient, secret ancient tantric teachings, adapted to suit our modern lifestyle and supported by contemporary science. They are explained in a rational and down to earth manner, with detailed printed course materials given after each module.

We will have the chance to combine understanding with experience through yoga practice, meditation and practical exercises that exemplify how teachings can be applied in daily life.

Course structure

Modules will be delivered 2 days over a weekend with evening activities on the Saturday night. It is not 100% compulsory to complete each module but its highly recommended in order to get the full picture. You couldn’t for example expect to do quadratic equations in mathematics without first having learned multiplication. And its similar with our Tantra course – what you learn in the initial modules forms the basic of the learning in the latter modules.

There are 8 modules in total:

Tantra 1: The Game of Polarity

29th-30th October

Everything in life is based on polarity… or what we commonly call attraction. In this initial workshop we will explore how tantra can help us understand this game of attraction in order to become more attractive and attract more wonderful things in our life. Read more

Tantra 2: The Battery of Life

Dates TBC

To live a rich, alive, active and rewarding life we need a good battery. Working with the base chakra (Muladhara Chakra) we will teach you to cultivate vitality, virility and power in your lives so you can start living the life you deserve. Understanding and awakening Muladhara chakra is the key to a powerful life and creates the foundation for any endeavor be it material gain, erotic fulfillment. Read more

Tantra 3: Sexual Ecstasy – A recipe for happiness, fulfillment and sublime experiences

Tantra 4: Willpower and Action – The Power of Transformation

Tantra 5: The Secrets of the Heart – Love, Connection and Expansion

Tantra 6: Seeing Beyond – Open up to the mystery of your existence

Tantra 7: Opening the 3rd Eye – Discover the power of a focused mind

Tantra 8: The 1000 Petal Lotus – Bringing the sublime to everyday life