Dates: TBC

Time: 10am – 5pm

Location: TBC

Please check back for details at a later date. 

The Battery of Life is the 2nd weekend workshop in the Tantra series.

corn field girlOur tantra course follows, roughly speaking, the chakra system. If your not familiar with the chakra system, don’t worry. If you are, then you will know that the first chakra relates to Muladhara. This is our fundamentally our battery. From here we gain the power of vitality, stamina, dependability and success in the material world. In this workshop we will focus on the importance of vitality and how this provides the base from which we can springboard. Vitality not just for exercise but vitality for all aspects of life; work, play, love and much more. We will explain how we can best assimilate vitality, maintain it and put it to good use. We will also teach some yoga postures specific to Muladhara and vitality.

food heartHaving taken this workshop we hope you will have an in-depth understanding of the vital energy and how to use for a harmonious life. There will also be meditations and course notes will be provided. At the end you will be given a check list where you can assess how harmonious your base chakra is and identify any areas that may require balancing.