Date: 29-30th Oct 2016
Time: 10am – 6pm (both days)
Location: Oscailt Integrated Health Centre, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin
Open to: All over 16: couples, singles, experienced, beginners
Cost: €195 per person (Early bird until 19th Oct: €147)

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yin yangThis is the first, introductory weekend workshop on Tantra. Tantra is a system that dates back thousands of years and is essentially built on some fundamental principles. There are many of these principles which vary in importance and complexity. Polarity is the first principle we will look at because it effects everything that we do and understanding it will allow us to live much more fulfilling and exceptional lives.

Opposites attract. That is a very simplified version of polarity. Everything that happens or is created in the world does so by the combination of 2 opposing forces. You can call this yin and yang, masculine and feminine, active and passive. It doesn’t matter what we call them but these opposing forces give us power. The stronger the elements on each side, the more power generated.

Understanding the game of Polarity you learn:

  • to keep your relationship fresh and alive like it was in the beginning
  • how to attract things in your life – a partner, a better job, more harmony
  • to expand gradually beyond your comfort zone and limitations – in all directions
  • to manage your emotions in all circumstances
  • enjoy more pleasure, especially in love making
  • the importance of the masculine and feminine roles in tantra
  • to play the game of energies instead of it playing you

Some FAQ’s about the Polarity Workshop

Whats involved?

All our tantra workshops involve a mixture of theory and practice. The practice will be mainly yoga but there will also be some meditations and some games along the way to break things up. None of the activities or games involve nudity or intimate touching. Nobody is forced to participate in anything they are not comfortable with.

What do I need to bring?

  • Pen and notepad
  • Comfortable clothes for yoga
  • Lunch if you prefer not to eat out

Who comes to your workshops?

In London the mix is about 55/45 women to men. Most are in their mid 20’s to late 30’s. However we have a student as young as 16 and as old as 65. London is no prediction for Dublin and in essence you never really know who is going to show up. Our students do generally have one thing in common -they are very open minded and don’t judge others. There is a wonderful sense of acceptance and tolerance cultivated within Tara.

I am single. Can I still come?

Absolutely. Most of our students actually come alone to our classes to begin with and no activity is restricted to couples. If you are actively looking for a partner then some of the principles you learn and practice can help you attract someone into your life – but that’s down to you. We are not here as a dating agency but many people find when they understand the game of polarity correctly that a few small changes brings instant results.

We are a couple and we are very happy now. Can we still benefit?

Of course. One of the things polarity teaches us is to maintain that happiness for eternity. Understanding these principles will allow you to troubleshoot relationship problems much quicker so they don’t grow unnecessarily. Apart from that you will learn techniques and principles to make your relationship and love life even better.

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