Maria is a yoga and tantra teacher who has been practising for 16 years and teaching for 10 years. She discovered yoga at the age of 19 and was instantly captivated by its endless possibilities. As she grew more and more into yoga she also discovered and began to explore the world of tantra. Teaching in her native Denmark for a few years, in 2009 she moved to London to coordinate the large yoga school there – Tara Yoga Centre UK. Maria oversees about 400 weekly students in London, Oxford and Manchester. She spent a couple of years travelling to Dublin to run monthly tantra courses and feels a strong affinity with Ireland and its people.

Dublin Yoga teacher Austin first discovered this Yoga school when he visited Rishikesh in India, back in 2000. Absorbed by the depth of the teachings and this particular approach towards spirituality, he has been practicing Yoga & Tantra ever since,  witnessing many positive transformations consequently taking place in his life. These obvious benefits he felt gave birth to the desire to share the teachings with others. He moved to Dublin in 2006 where he currently teaches the Dublin Tantra course and Yoga course on a voluntary basis, in the spirit of karma yoga.
In August 2013 Austin moved back to the UK where he currently teaches the Tantra course in Oxford.




Dublin Yoga TeachersJosianne has been studying yoga since 1999. After originally starting to practise yoga from a book, she quickly realised that there was something much more mysterious to this system of practise and decided to go to India to find a yoga teacher. She travelled to India in 1999 and started learning yoga with a teacher that taught this same form of yoga that the Atman International schools teach today.  She spent the next 3 years there during which her life changed dramatically as she opened herself up towards a new orientation towards life, and the energies we all have access to.  Josianne is now teaching the Dublin Yoga course and The Tantra for Women course in the hope that these teachings will help and support others to experience their own personal and spiritual growth.


In August 2013 Josianne moved back to the UK where she currently teaches Yoga courses in London.