mauna6Below are some testimonies of some of our students on the Dublin Yoga & Tantra courses.


Each Tantra class is always a wonderful and profound experience. Every week there are new practices for raising spiritual awareness and wellbeing through postures, exercises, meditation and theory.  I would highly recommend Tantra to anyone from any spiritual and religious background, for beginners and advanced, as it is a great factor in healing and improving psychical and psychological performance for achieving ones goals in life. ~ Paul Clarke (


I have been attending integral yoga classes with Tara Yoga Centre for a few years now.  These classes have been a constant companion in my life over this time.  As an acupuncturist I need to keep myself healthy and vital while treating people with ill health.  I have found that the yoga postures taught in this course work with the very same physical and energetic systems of the body that I treat in acupuncture.  So this style of yoga is like having my very own health therapist working on me all the time.  I have personally transformed my health and even my mental wellbeing during my time with Tara.  They not only teach yoga postures but also give in depth instruction and knowledge of internal cleansing techniques, fasting, energising breathing techniques and meditation.  I have had the kind of profound experiences during deep meditation that I thought could only be experienced by an ascetic yogi living on a mountain top.  I continue to see improvements in my health and to have more amazing experiences during group meditation events held (at no cost) by Tara Yoga Centre.  There really is no yoga class in this country superior to this integral yoga.  I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

~ Clare Foley (


I feel lucky and privileged that I had the opportunity to come across these amazing teachings of Hatha Yoga and Tantra. The practice of Yoga has played a huge influence on this wonderful journey towards spiritual development. Austin and Josianne are truly inspiring teachers full of love, care and patience and they always go the extra mile to provide guidance and support. Yogis consider the Head Stand to be one of the best yoga postures but since I began to practice yoga, I immediately felt the beneficial effects both physically and at a mental level even with the easier postures. I would go to the yoga class after a long day at work and after the class I always feel completely refreshed and re-energised, it almost feels like I have just woken up from a good nights sleep. If I had known these teachings years ago, they would have made a huge difference. –  



The teachings are real and they work. I know they work because I have practiced them and seen my transformation. 

~ Catherine Dunworth


In this unique school I have found the most traditional and complete system of yoga I have ever come across.   

~ Morgan Arundel


Tara Yoga Centre provides more than just yoga classes, it provides support, friendship and a sense of community. 

~ Harriet Young


This experience is the best companion for life, for it does not take space in your luggage, nor can it be taken away.    

~ Reuben Rubio