Tara Yoga Centre Ireland is a member of the International Federation of Yoga & Meditation, ATMAN. There are currently (approx) 20,000 students in our sister schools across the world. Although each member school remains independent in their own right, they are united by the fact that the same teachings/courses are are the basis of the Tantra and Yoga classes offered by each member school. 

The spiritual Fraternity that exists between these schools and which unites the practioners from all over the world is further developed by various co-ordinated spiritual actions (prayers, meditations, activities) that take place simultaneously and in unison by our fellow Yogis across the world.

The teachings & methods revealed by our school have been applied with great results by tens of thousands of people all over the world, proving it to be a very safe & highly efficient spiritual path leading to profound spiritual transformations in the one who perseveres enough. We consider that Yoga is much more than a ‘keep fit’ method, but represents an accurate science of personal development that has the power to transform every single aspect of your life in a positive way.

As with each of our sister schools, Tara Yoga Centre Ireland runs on a non-profit basis (in the spirit of Karma Yoga) committed to the same goal: to promote classical Yoga and Tantra in Ireland, and to unite & integrate the spiritual practice with the commitments of modern social life. We encourage the Spiritual laws learnt in the classes to become applied and integrated in the daily life.

International Yoga Branches

Here are the contact details for the international member schools of Atman.



Maha Vidya Yogazentrum
Hirschengasse 8, 1060 Wien, Austria
Contact person: Diana Jankova
Phone no: (+49) 0043-676 33 88 732
Web page: www.mahavidya.at
Ananda, Esoterisch Yoga Centrum
Bourlastraat 11/4, 2000 Antwerpen
Contact persons: Winde Vandegaer & Nucu Condrea
Phone no: (+32) 48-4612 234
Web page: www.anandayoga.be


Bosnia and Hercegovina
Contact person: Sahuric Ammar
Jovana Ducica 72, 78 000 Banjaluka
Bosnia and Hercegovina
Phone no: (+38) 76 53 43 695; (+38) 76 23 82 070
e-mail: ammar.sahuric@gmail.com
Web page: www.joga-tantra.rs.ba


Czech Republic
Sdružení Rezonance – Asocia?ia Rezonan??, Praga and Brno, Czech Republic
Cejl 59 , Brno 602 00, Czech Republic
Contact person: Radek Hladík
Phone no: (+42) 0776 762 511
Web page: http://www.jogin.cz/     e-mail: rezonance@jogin.cz


Shambhala Yoga, Nicosia, Cyprus
Loutrkiou 9, no.201, 2027 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
Contact person: Marilena Shiamma
Phone no: (+35) 799 490 416 sau (+35) 722 314 690
e-mail: marilenashiamma@hotmail.com
web site: www.yoga-shambhala.com


NATHA – Copenhagen, DK
Address: Krbmagergade 28, 2, 1150K, Kbh.,
Phone: (+45) 33 93 08 58
E-mail: natha@natha.dk
Web page: http://www.natha.net

England & UK
Tara Yoga Centre (London)

Web page: http://www.tarayogacentre.co.uk    e-mail: yoga@tarayogacentre.co.uk


Address: Association Yoga Traditionnel et Sante – Paris, France
Phone: +33-(0)1- or +33-(0)1- or +33-(0) (mobile)
E-mail: cguillemot@free.fr
contact person: Catherine Guillemot
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NATHA – Helsinki, FI
Address: NATHA Fredrikinkatu 34 A 1, 00100 Helsinki
Phone: (09) 685 4488
E-mail: natha@kolumbus.fi” data-mce-href=”mailto:natha@kolumbus.fi“>natha@kolumbus.fi
Web page: http://www.natha.fi/
contact person: Bogdan Kadziola



Deusche Akademie für Traditionelles Yoga
Web page: www.traditionelles-yoga.de
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Kõrösi Csoma Jóga Egyesület, Szeged, Hungary
Aranka u. 19, 6726 Szeged
Contact person: Dr. Fischer Szatmári László
Tel.: (+36) 62 438 710
e-mail: fischerszl@invitel.hu
Web page: http://www.tantra-yoga.hu


Contact persons:
Serafim: mobile +354 8570373, email: serafim@natha.dk
Magdalena: mobile +354 8570113, email: magdalena@natha.dk


Associazione “Tripura Sundari” – Bologna e Verona
Centro Yoga Tripura Sundari
Via Zamboni 72 – Bologna
Contact person: Corina Costea
Phone no: (+39) 328 177 3264
e-mail: tripurasundari@libero.it
Web page: www.tripurasundari.it


Contact person: Rodica Harabagiu
Tel.: (+31) 020 620 3219
e-mail: trancedance@compuserve.com
NathaYogacenter – Oslo / Akershus, Norway
Web page: www.natha.no
Contact person: Cynthia Roxana Mihai
Phone no: (+ 47) 951 46 293
e-mail: post@natha.no” data-mce-href=”mailto:post@natha.no“>post@natha.no


Academia Siddha Yoga, Lisboa, Portugal
Avenida Poeta Mistral 15 r/c esq
1050 – 181 Lisboa
Contact person: Swami Mahalayananda
Phone no: (+35) 12 179 59 034
e-mail: yoga@yogaacademia.org
Web page: www.yogaacademia.org


Asocia?ia Shambala, Vessy, Switzerland
42, Chemin de l”Argiliere
1234 Vessy,
Contact person: Aniela Ungure?an
Phone no: (+41) 78 684 13 84
e-mail: aniela.unguresan@yoga-shambala.ch
Web page: www.yoga-shambala.ch


The Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute – MISA
Library and Information Desk
Soseaua Salaj Nr.2, Bl.126A, parter
Sector 5, Bucuresti, ROMANIA
Phone/fax: +(40)21-424.23.69
E-mail: MISA@yogaesoteric.net
Web page: http://www.yogaesoteric.net


Sdružení Rezonance, Bratislava, Slovakia
ZŠ Hluboká cesta 4, Bratislava
Contact person: Eva Votrubcová,
Phone no: (+421) 732 628 655,
e-mail: eva@jogin.cz
Web page: www.jogin.cz


Esoteric Orient Yoga, Karlskrona, Sweden
Olandsgatan 16, 371 22 Karlskrona
Contact person: Georgiana D?ne?
Phone no: (+46) 455 196 93
e-mail: yoga_sweden@yahoo.com
Web page: www.esotericyoga.se


Centro de medicina biológica y estetica “Memoria del agua”, Barcelona, Spain
Contact person: Maria Te?oi
Adress: Calle Viladomat, 212 Enlo 1-a (metro L5- Entença)
Tel.: (+34) 678 888 067




US Yoga Academy
Web site: www.usyoga.net
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Contact person: Angelica Muha
Tel.: (+27) 08 23 620 848; Fax: 011-4409454.
e-mail: angelicamuha@yahoo.com