Cultivating Virility & Male sexual energy – Presentation on Friday 28th June

Men's Forum - Virility

Modern research shows that virility levels of men have dramatically reduced over the last 50 years, indicating that men today are not as ‘manly’ as previous generations. What are the implications of this trend on the health, well being and masculine nature of men today? What are the broader effects on society as a whole? More importantly, what can we do it about it, as men?

This evening will offer an opportunity to explore how the conscious man can awaken to his full potential. We will discuss the connection between virility, manhood and spirituality, together with natural ways to cultivate virility. We will learn how to cultivate (and alchemise) the sexual energy for greater health, harmony, happiness and spiritual evolution – both in the individual, as well as in the couple relationship. In essence, we will reveal some fundamental Tantric secrets every man should know!